Plan Your summer - save 108h!

How to save 108 hours in summer


Interesting fact was discovered while making a market research about lawn mowing habits in Latvia. When we asked, why would you want for your lawn to be mowed by someone else, 85% of respondents answered “We will save time”. We also think, that this is the main  gain, because what can be more valuable than time spent on yourself, your family or other things?

Of course there is other gains, like:

- Improves quality of lawn. A lot of people  has ruined their lawns, just because they are not mowing it as much as it is needed.

- “Green”. You don’t have to use fuel or oil. If you are thinking green, this is perfect way to save the environment around yourself.

After talking “face to face” with more than 100 people  we understood, that mowing grass rarely is a thing that someone enjoys. It’s a big problem, which needs a solution. There is a public opinion that if you want a neatly mowed lawn, you have to put a lot of effort in it, usually in weekends and evenings. But because of technology development, new opportunities arises and you can combine the pleasant with useful.

By making several measurements in 2013, we assessed the time spent on mowing lawn before buying SmartRobby and after.

Example: Cottage garden with 1850m2 lawn and average obstacles.


mājas plāns.jpg

Conventional lawn mower

Robotic lawn mower

Lawn mowing frequency (average in season)



Time spent in one mowing time.



Owners invested time.






All Together:



*The owner doesn’t have to be present, when robotic mower is working.

**Additionally you will have to spend ~1h every month mowing on places, SmartRobby can’t reach (sharp corners, territories with less than 2m width)


Result: Saves 108 hours a year.


In our measurements is not included time on installation, because in further years you will not have to set virtual wire.


This is a very good example, how can you save a time for yourself, your family and your hobbies. Measurements is made by regulation, that complectation is set correctly and used by instructions in user manual.

Final result is that your lawn is neatly mowed, green and beautiful. Owner is pleased and has more time for himself.

Give yourself longer summer and more free time!