1500m2 ± 20% Working capacity 2600m2 ± 20% 2800m2 ± 20%
to 25m/min SmartRobby movement speed to 35m/min to 37m/min
2 knife blades Cutting system 4 gillette blades 4 gillette blades
3cm / 4cm Cutting height 2.5cm - 6cm 2.5cm - 6cm
28cm (14cm/pc) Cutting width 28cm 28cm
4000rpm ±10% Blades cutting speed 3000rpm 3000rpm
30 degree Mowing on slopes 30 degree 30 degree
82W (vidēji) Power 85W (vidēji) 85W (vidēji)
≤65dB Noise level ≤60dB ≤60dB
Lithium Accumulator Lithium Lithium
6.6Ah Accumulator capacity 6.6Ah 6.6Ah
Līdz 2.5h Average working time Līdz 3h Līdz 3h
Līdz 3h Average charging time Līdz 3h Līdz 2h
6m Remote 6m 9m
15kg SmartRobby weight 19kg 19kg
56cm x 51cm x 25cm SmartRobby size (G x P x A) 60.5 x 46.5cm x 28cm 60.5 x 46.5cm x 28cm
45cm x 38.5cm x 20cm Charging station size (G x P x A) 78cm x 50cm x 17cm 78cm x 50cm x 17cm
Straight / Spiral Mowing mode Taisni / Spirāle Taisni / Spirāle
300m x 0.75mm Virtual wire max lenght 600m x 1mm 600m x 1mm
100m x 0.5mm Virtual wire in set 100m x 0.5mm 100m x 0.5mm
Mowing zones (līdz 3)
Mowing mode - straight
Mowing schedule
Intelligent lawn recognition
● Front Bump sensor ● Front and sides ● Front and sides
Rain sensor
Water resistant
Protected against signal loss
Anti theft
PIN code
Emergency switch
Lift up sensor
Tilted sensor
Electronic compass
Pressure sensor
LED Display
Touch sensor
Range option
2 years Warranty 2 years 2 years