SmartRobby Advanced

Working capacity 2600m2 ± 20%
SmartRobby movement speed to 35m/min
Cutting system 4 gillette blades
Cutting height 2.5cm - 6cm
Cutting width 28cm
Blades cutting speed 3000rpm
Mowing on slopes 30 degree
Power 85W
Noise level ≤60dB
Accumulator Lithium
Accumulator capacity 6.6Ah
Average working time 3h
Average charging time 3h
Remote 6m
SmartRobby weight 19kg
SmartRobby size 60.5 x 46.5cm x 28cm
Charging station size 78cm x 50cm x 17cm
Mowing mode Straight / Spiral
Virtual wire max lenght 600m x 1mm
Virtual wire in set 100m x 0.5mm
Mowing zones (3)
Mowing mode - straight
Mowing schedule
Intelligent lawn recognition
Bump sensor ● Front and sides
Rain sensor
Water resistant
Protected against signal loss
Anti theft
PIN code
Emergency switch
Tilted sensor
Lift up sensor
Electronic compass
Pressure sensor
LED Display
Touch sensor
Range option
Warranty 2 years

SmartRobby Advanced is perfectly suited for the lawns of approximately up to 2600m2 in size

Good-looking lawn
With SmartRobby, the lawn always looks as if it was just cut. It can mow as often as needed to keep the lawn looking beautiful. No more worries about making time to mow the lawn or scheduling a lawn service visit before that special event.

SmartRobby Advanced is equipped with such Main Functions:

Lift sensor

There is a lift sensor located on each front wheel. If the mower was lifted 2cm from the ground in a level way, the blade stop working within 2s, but the wheel keep running. And the blades start cutting within 5s after two front wheels get back to ground.

Tilt sensor

There is tilt sensor installed on the mower too, when the mower was titled over 30 degree at any direction, it also will stop working within 2seconds

Bump sensor

Whole top cover is movable, the sensors are located all around the robot’s side and front, When the bump sensor is activated, the mower will stop movement in that direction and reverse itself away from the obstacle.

Rain sensor

There are two rain sensors on the top cover of mower. The mower will go back to the charging station automatically when it’s raining. Rain sensors can be selected from control panel.

Turn on it: the mower will go back home if it is raining

Turn off it: the mower will go on mowing when it is raining

Human sensor

Touch the handle when the mower is cutting, it will cease function within 0.5 seconds

Mowing schedule

Set up one week (Monday to Sunday, one day for once) cutting schedule from control panel.

Anti-theft function

User must enter the correct password then the mower can be started. What’s more, the mower can not be turned on without charging station and remote control.

Humanistic cutting height selection

SmartRobby Advanced has a range of 2.5cm-6cm cutting height which is easily adjustable.

Easier for user to choose the cutting height

Auto recharge system

If the mower is powerless while it in operating, the cutting motor turn off at once and it will find the virtual wire then go alone it back to charging station for recharge automatically. (This allows you to keep the charger connected with the charging station all the time, even after the battery is fully charged.) On auto pattern, the mower will go on mowing after fully recharged. But if it is on manual pattern, it will just get back from charging station for a few centimeter after fully recharged.

Emergency stop switch

There is an emergency stop switch located at the top of mower which is red in color. If you press it in any case during operating, the mower will stop all movement and stop the rotating of blades immediately. Rotating the switch resets it and the mower is in taskbar by entering the correct password and choose operate pattern to restart it.

Overload protect

Each of the two blade motors and each of the two wheel driving motors are monitored continuously during operation for any situation that may cause these motors to over-load. In the event this is detected, the mower will stop operating.


SmartRobby Advanced has wterproof design, there is an inner cover under top cover which protect inside parts from humidify.

SmartRobby Advanced is equipped with LED display

SmartRobby Advanced is equipped Electric compass

It keeps mower working well in a slope lawn.

Pressure sensor

if child sits on the mover, it stops working within 2s.

Cutting area setting.

It could set 3 cutting areas. The user could separate a big area into 3 areas at most.

2.Virtual wire (100m)
4.virtual wire connectors(10pcs)
5.Charging station
6.Remote control
7.Remote control battery
8.Inner hexagon spanner
9.Stakes (4pcs)
10.Blades (4pcs)

Click here to download user manual in english.