SmartRobby Pearl

Working capacity ~ 100m2
Power 24W
Noise level <65dB
Accumulator Lithium
Accumulator capacity 2200mAh
Avarage working time līdz 2h
Avarage charging time 3h
SmartRobby Pearl size (G x P x A) 36.8cm x 37.8cm x 10.2cm
Side brush
MOP function
3D sensor
Ground detection sensors
Engine silencer
Easy cleaning
Automatic charging
Space Isolator
Remote control
Warranty 2 years

Always clean house

SmartRobby Pearl will take care to always keep your house clean. Even when you are busy at work or away on the holidays, a clean house will wait upon your return.

Even more silent

Special engine sound damping technology used in SmartRobby Pearl ensures a considerably more quiet operation. A working vacuum cleaner will no longer interfere with watching the TV or simply spending a quiet evening after work.

MOP function

In addition to the vacuum cleaner function SmartRobby Pearl is equipped with the option of attaching the damp MOPS brush, which will ensure an extra clean floor!

Thresholds are no obstacle

Despite the robot being especially thin, it is well able to overcome obstacles. Special construction of the rear wheels and the form of the robot itself ensures its ability to climb thresholds up to 2 cm height.

Efficient cleaning in difficult places

Due to its side brushes SmartRobby Pearl can reach in and clean corners of the room, as well as the floor at and around the furniture.

Virtual wall

The set include a virtual wall, which can be used to indicate the limits of operation to the robot. Its distance can be altered, but the button on the body will allow turning it off simply, when it is not needed.

HEPA filter and simplified cleaning

The air filter used in the robot is of really outstanding quality. The HEPA standard-compatible filters hold back 99.97% of particles exceeding the size of 0.3 µm. Such filters are used even in the aircrafts and medical facilities, because they provide outstanding screening of various bacteria and allergens. At the same time the simple structure and location of the waste container allows for easy and quick disposal of the waste.

LiOn battery

New generation battery will ensure cleaning up to 2 hours, as well as a considerably more than longer lifetime of the battery.

Remote control

SmartRobby Pearl can be managed by remote control as well, if needed. Spot cleaning is a highly convenient function, which can be used in cases, when something has been spilled on the floor.

  1. Robot
  2. Remote control
  3. Charging station
  4. Power adapter
  5. Space isolator
  6. MOP
  7. Side brush 2 pcs
  8. HEPA filter 2 pcs
  9. User manual
Click here to download user manual.